In this permanent exhibition which I visit at least once a day when I'm at "La Maison D'art." By placing the masters inside their masterpieces, I pay tribute in my own way and style to the masters that gave the world beautiful art.

The first painting I started the "Tribute to the Masters." series with.

Titled: "Le Rêve Pleure." 

 From 1486 Sandro Botticelli’s “Birth Of Venus”, to the 1501-1504 divine Micheal Angelo’s sculpture of “David”, to the 1503-1506 smugly smile of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”, to the 1665 mystery behind Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl With a Pearl Earring”, to the 1872 Claude Monet’s sunrise in “Impression”, to the 1878 Edgard Degas amazing movement in “ L’etoile”, to the 1882 Edward Manet’s dazed look of his figure in “ Bar aux foliesBergere ”, to the 1884-1886 Georges Seurat’s pointillism in the very sunny painting the “Un après-midi de Dimanche sur L'île La Grande Jatte”, to the 1888 magical “Starry Night” of Vincent Van Gogh , to the 1891 Toulouse Lautrec famous “Goulue Can- Can Dancer” of the Moulin Rouge, to the 1893 Angry “Scream” of Edvard Munch, to The Lebanese pride and Joy none other than the poet/painter Gibran Khalil Gibran sensual oil painting “ The Autumn”…, to the 1905 Henri Matisse famous wife Portrait “Green Stripe”, to the 1910 Pierre August Renoir’s “Voluptuous Nude figure,” to Kandinsky's 1913 very colorful abstract color study, to Modigliani's 1919 elongated face almond shaped eyes of “Jeanne's Portrait”, to the 1931 Salvador Dali’s Surrealism in “The Persistence of Memory”, to the 1932 colourful Erotic painting of Pablo Picasso’s “Le Reve”, to the 1946 “Wounded Deer” of Frida Khalo, to the 1964 very mysterious face behind the apple of Renee Magrette’s “Son of a Man”… From the Renaissance to Impressionism, to Surrealism, to Pointillism and Fauvism, I with 20 paintings, moved my brush from one painting to another taking you on an art journey where I reunite the Masters with their Masterpieces!!! I reproduce with my own touch the paintings that I love the most, the paintings that introduced me to the world of art, the paintings that made history and marked eras!!! The artists that painted these masterpieces didn’t know that after they were gone their paintings would echo forever their names. For that reason, I decided to reunite the Masters with their Masterpieces placing the artist next to his most memorable painting! I see life as big blank canvas where my shapes and colors are mixed to expose my imagination by opening a big window to my soul! “My God, Family, and Country are the most important things in my life...” Nicole Karam.

Tribute painting to Leonardo Da Vinci, I depict him trying to position La Joconde, the most talked about painting in the world, before painting her, Da Vinci positions the Mona Lisa in a 100X80cm acrylic on canvas. 


In a 100x80cm I give tribute to Botticelli in the birth of Venus, I place him next to his Masterpiece, I paint him in black and white but through his art he remains immortal.    

This is a tribute painting to Georges Seurat for his amazing work of pointillism in "un dimanche après midi sur L'île de la grande Jatte", in this painting I place Georges Seurat inside his masterpiece in a 100x80 cm acrylic on canvas.         

In this piece I pay tribute to Edward Manet, I place him inside the Bar aux folies bergère his 1881/1882 painting that got critics talking about his ignorance in perspective and how in the reflection of the mirror there is a figure facing the model although the lady looks dazed, 100x80 cm acrylic on canvas tribute to Edward Manet.

In this painting I pay tribute to Frida Kahlo, I place her in her bed the place she was in for quiet a while after her bus accident, I paint her laying while painting the wounded deer the painting that depicts the state of mind of the artist. 100x80 cm acrylic on canvas.

knowing how important Dali's mustache were to him, I pay tribute to him in this painting by using one side of his mustache to sign his name and the other side to hold a brush, the Master of surrealism is depicted in this tribute painting, painting and signing with his mustache in a 100 x80 cm acrylic on canvas. 

I chose this Starry night painting of Vincent Van Gogh knowing there are 2 starry nights, this one was actually painted by the Rhône river sep 1888, using a lantern under the stars, the second one with the swirls was painted while Van Gogh was being hospitalized and under the influence of the medications, In this tribute painting I place Vincent Van Gogh next to his painting holding the lantern as if he is trying to show us the painting  proudly.  100x80 cm acrylic on canvas.

I place in this painting Edvard Much under his four Scream paintings, that he painting in a decade. Two oil paintings and two pastels, I place in the background on a black plaque the poem he wrote and stuck on the frame of one of his scream paintings, the one he gave as a gift to a friend, in this poem you discover why he felt like he wanted to scream. 100x80 cm acrylic on canvas.   

In this painting I pay tribute to Henri Matisse the father of fauvism, I chose my favorite of Matisse the portrait of his wife the green line. 100x80cm acrylic on canvas.         

In this painting I pay tribute to Kadinsky's color study, Wassily Kandinsky the father of abstract art andthe great master of modern art. 100x80 cm acrylic on canvas.          


Tribute to the Masters permenant exhibition at La Maison D'art - Nicole Karam.

In this piece I pay tribute to Michelangelo while sculpting the David, I place him inside the marble dust where he would be the most satisfied, I place the face of God  he painted on the ceiling of the sistine chapel in the upper part of the piece blowing inspiration on him as he use to seek inspiration from God before painting or sculpting.    120x60 cm     

A tribute to Vermeer " The girl with the pearl earring " 100x80 cm acrylic on canvas,  in this painting I place Vermeer next to his model positioning her famous stare.     

In this painting I pay tribute to the Lebanese artist painter and Poet Gibran Khalil Gibran for his painting Autumn, I place him next to his nude subject looking proud of what he accomplished, 100x80 cm acrylic on canvas.   

In this painting I pay tribute to Claude Monet "Impression sunrise" where he painted it out of his window in Le Havre the second biggest Havre in France, the painting took few hours to accomplish it was the work of Claude Monet that made a revolution in art called impressionism.    100x80cm acrylic on canvas     

this painting is a tribute to Renee Magritte the Artist that teased the audience by blocking the faces of his subjects, in this painting it is said that Renee Magritte painted himself, I researched about his life and found out that his mother committed suicide and drowned in a river in Belgium, and when the body was discovered the police didn't let Renee see her face since he was only 11 years old at the time.    100x80 cm acrylic on canvas     

In this painting I place Picasso next to his erotic painting Le Rêve it has been said that this painting was painted on a Sunday afternoon,  in 2006 the Wynn the multi-millionaire casino tycoon in Vegas, owner of the painting at the time was showing it to his friends amongst them famous journalist Barbera walters then with a gesture he ruptures the painting putting a hole in the Mistress forearm and that was before selling it to Cohen a big art collector in the states for the price of $ 155 000000 I got inspired t paint the mad looking face of Picasso and the ruptured arm and called the tribute LE RÊVE PLEURE " THE DREAM CRIES"  80X60 cm acrylic on canvas 

In this painting I pay tribute to Edgar Degas, the artist known for his ballerinas, and his beautiful pastel colors, in this painting I show Degas holding L'étoile his most known painting, the fold on the bottom is to show that it was pastel on paper and not oil on canvas.

100x80cm acrylic on canvas 

In a tribute to Toulouse Lautrec I place him next to the poster he was famous for at the Moulin Rouge " La Goulue" his cane on one side and the paint palette on the other, I pay tribute to Lautrec in a 100x80cm acrylic on canvas.         

In this painting I pay tribute to Renoir and show under which conditions he use to work in his 80s, wrapping his hand to be able to hold the brush due to severe arthritis, at the age of 85 he was still painting nudes, his nudes were so famous, a well known critic once said  Renoir's nudes look so real that you want to pinch them.

100X80 cm acrylic on canvas              

In this painting I pay tribute to Modigliani, I chose this portrait of Jeanne the love of Modigliani and his Muse, he was known for painting almond shaped faces and eyes, he wouldn't paint the eyes unless he would feel the soul of his model. 100x80 cm acrylic on canvas