The Opening of "World of Shapes" with deputy Paula Yacoubian.
                                            Ribbon untied.
           A toast with both artist gallerist Nicole Karam and deputy Yacoubian. 
        Artist Nicole Karam presenting deputy Paula Yacoubian with her portrait.                                                           New TV covering the opening.
the support of artists  from politicians could give positive vibes to culture in Lebanon.
New TV interview at the WORLD OF SHAPES opening.
Nicole's daughters Linda and Jessica karam with deputy Paula Yacoubian
                                                   Opening feedback.

       The opening night of Colette Loutfalla's "Anchors and Sails." 

  With Gina Hage Chahine, and Swiss/Lebanese artist "Hafis           Bertshinger." at his solo exhibition "Phoenician Alphabets."

                   "Tribute to the Masters" room 

Painting the "Tribute to the Masters" series is my own way of saying than you. NK

Opening night of "Anchors and Sails" on the sound of the violin played by musician Mario.

Deputy Paula Yacoubian with Kawthar and fashion designer Jana Saadé at the opening of Nicole's "World of Shapes."

At the opening of a collective Christmas exhibition "Reflections" 2018.

Opening reception of "Anchors and Sails" with artist Colette Loutfallah.

Lovely atmosphere at "La Maison D'art- Nicole Karam" where music meets art.

Deputy Nadim Gemayel with artist Nathalie Saikaly at her opening.

Artist Nathalie Saikaly explaining her art to deputy Nadim Gemayel 

With Mr and Mrs Aboulhosen art collectors 

At the opening of Phoenician alphabet with the dean of  LIU university and the Swiss/Lebanese artist Hafis Burtshinger.

 Nicole with her friends/art collectors enjoying the vibes of the opening.

La Maison D'art all set for Nathalie Saikali's opening "Explosion of Colors."

Gallery owner Nicole with both artist and deputy Gemayel opening the ribbon of Nathalie's solo exhibition.

Nicole alongside her husband Roger Karam and deputy NicolasSehanoui, cutting the ribbon of her Solo exhibition "Tribute to the Masters."

Nicole loves to explain what she felt and what urged her to create the artwork, and the story behind it, which make the exhibition a lot more interesting in the presence of the artist.



At the end of "Tribute to the Masters" opening Nicole with Rita Mansour founder of Orchedia and family members. 

Nicole's daughters Linda Christian to the right, Jessica Anna to the left with deputy Paula Yacoubian at the opening.

Nicole's solo exhibitions "World of Shapes."

New TV interview, artist Nicole Karam explaining how contemporary cubism was the choice of her artistic path.