Founder of La Maison D'art gallery Nicole Karam with her two sons and daughter at the opening of "Phoenician Alphabet" by Lebanese/Swiss artist Hafes Bertshinger. Nicole is the mother of 4 children one was absent in this photo.

Nicole's office surrounded by art books and art objects.

"Being a gallerist is like having a  mission to bringing the best art possible so that we can please the client's eyes and touch their  souls."  Nicole says.

Nicole Karam's solo exhibition "World of Shapes"

"My paintings are a projection on the wall of what's playing inside my imagination." Nicole says.

  Nicole at her studio after painting  the Beirut blast.

 "WE WON'T FORGET." acrylic on canvas 100x80cm

the painting depicting the Beirut blast on 04-08-2020 

Tackling the new occupation of painting on pottery vases and sculpting  "FACES" with clay got me so inspired to sculpt and paint with a big enthusiasm:  Nicole says

To the right the "The Melophile" clay contemporary sculpture painted with acrylic paint.

 Clay contemporary sculptures painted with acrylic paint to the left,  to the right mixed media on canson paper all from the series "Faces"           

From Nicole Karam's   "Faces series"  mixed media on paper 21x30cm

                                 Previous exhibitions        

  With Gina Hage Chahine and May Bsat and daughter at the opening of "Phoenician Alphabets."

Nicole explaining  in an interview  how she was able to find her own style in Cubism contemporary art, after many years of painting.


Presenting deputy Paula Yacoubian with her portrait at the opening of "World of Shapes".
"The Hug" acrylic on canvas from Nicole Karam's solo exhibition 

"World of Shapes."

La Maison D'art opening night of Swiss/Lebanese artist Hafis Bertschinger solo exhibition "Phoenician Alphabet."

Carole Hage, art lover with artist Bertshcinger at the opening of "Phoenician Alphabets."

Opening night of Colette Loutfalla's solo exhibition "Anchor and Sails"

Opening night of "Explosion of Colors" by artist Nathalie Saikaly under the patronage of deputy Nadim Gemayel.

Talented Violinist Mario at the opening of Colette Loutfalla's "Anchor and Sails"

This picture was taken after watching the documentary movie "Hafis and Mara" at Metropolis Empire in Beirut, prior to the exhibition Nicole curated for Bertschinger at La Maison D'art gallery.

When you start painting what you feel or sense and not for the purpose of selling; Emptying on canvas pictures from your imagination, you then leave in this world valuable art. Nicole Karam
 Nicole's interview on New Tv opening night of "World of Shapes."

"World of Shapes" Nicole Karam's solo exhibition.

With Gina Hage Chahine an art Lover next to artist Bertschinger, opening night of "Phoenician Alphabets."

Before untying the ribbon and unveiling  "Phoenician Alphabets." exhibition.

The artist explaining the paintings to deputy Gemayel while touring the gallery.

La Maison D'art openings feel more  like a party celebrating ART, here at the opening of Colette Loutfallah's solo exhibition "Anchor and Sails."

Nathalie Saikali's opening night for her solo exhibition "Explosion of Colors."

At the opening of "World of shapes" Nicole Karam solo exhibition with deputy Paula Yacoubian.

Mr and Mrs Badro at the opening of Swiss/Lebanese artist Hafis Bertschinger "Phoenician Alphabets."
Gallery owner Nicole Karam with Artist Nathalie Saikaly at her opening night "Explosion Of Colors."

Nicole's husband Roger Karam with Maurice Karam Mayor of Bkheshtey and Elie Karam at the opening of "Phoenician Alphabet."

Nicole at her studio preparing for her solo exhibition "World Of Shapes."
 "Together Forever" contemporary cubism 100x150cm.


 " My Sunshine" Nicole's contemporary cubism  painting 100x150cm.

   The devoted Drs in technology and the dean of  LIU who contributed with the University of Fribourg Switzerland  in order to make a Virtual reality exhibition for Hafis Bertschenger's foundation in Switzerland,  the VR was shown for the first time at "La Maison D'art." in Beirut. All in the presence of the renowned Swiss/Lebanese artist "Hafis Bertschinger."

                                "World of Shapes" exhibition 
                   Opening night of "World of Shapes"

        Tribute to the Masters permanent exhibition at "La Maison D'art." Nicole's NOT FOR SALE series.

As I leave my art gallery after a long day at work, I look at the lit up display window while walking away with mixed feelings of abandonment and relief.

Nicole Karam 

Nicole Karam's interview on New TV opening night of her solo exhibition.

As a gallerist I could say I'm lucky to have an endless love for ART.

No one can limit art with a style, a path, or a line, art could be the footsteps of muddy shoes, dragged on a white surface, creating its own prints with an unleashed style. Nicole Karam

Untying the red ribbon, dean of LIU and Swiss/Lebanese artist Hafes Bertschinger at the opening of his solo exhibition "Phoenician Alphabet."

                  World of Shapes exhibition.

As an artist, try to be genuine. In being true to people through your art, you are true to yourself. Nicole Karam

 Interacting with her clients, Nicole explaining the work of Hafis Bertschinger.

Gallery owner/ artist Nicole Karam With deputy Paula Yacoubian at the opening of "World of Shapes"


Click above to watch the interview from 2014.

        Nicole's interview on New TV opening night.

 Nicole's  interview with Bilal el Arabi on B Beirut 2015


 Nicole's  report on Kalem el Ness with Marcel Ghanem      
 Philippe Abou Zeid on Kalem el Ness shedding light on Nicole Karam's tribute painting to the assassinated journalist/deputy Gibran Tueini.
                 MTV ALIVE, with TV host Rola safa.
 Promoting her Tribute to the Masters exhibition, Nicole explaining what inspired her to paint the tribute series for a period of four years.
  Nicole's  2010 interview on Alive with TV host Nadia Bsat,

Nicole Karam artist of the month of June in Ballwin, USA

With TV host Pierre Rabbat on Men el Ekhri show.
 Nicole's painting depicting the situation in Lebanon regarding different religions on Massa el Huria show with Dr Ziad Njeim
"Working at Wentworth Gallery," says Nicole, "was a great experience. It helped me learn more about the market of fine arts in the US, and introduced me to contemporary American and European artists."
Presenting DR Ziad Njeim host of Massa el Hurria political show on MTV with a painting titled: "Uniting Lebanon"